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Ease your mind and have fun creating your personalized watercolor mandala with these step-by-step techniques! We’ll be focusing on using watercolor because the intention of the class is to not draw the mandala and use up your brain energy!

For me, at the end of the day, I really want some therapeutic relaxing watercolor time where I just want to have fun with how watercolor pigments mix and seem to have a mind of their own!!! If you feel the urge of painting but don’t want to use your head, you are at the right place!

Today, I’m going to teach you my process in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced artist wanting to relax and just enjoy finding your own mandala and watercolor painting, I’m sure you will enjoy this class!

In this class, we will:

  • Look into the art materials I recommend, such as paint brands, paper, and brush types (you can also check these in the materials list document in the resources)
  • Come up with symbols that you associate with
  • Mix primary colors to create secondary colors and explore what color combinations best suit your personalized mandala
  • Select patterns for our mandala on a specific website so its super easy!
  • Go over tips for tracing
  • Work on some warm ups for brush control techniques so you can create the perfect watercolor mandala
  • Create different color combination using the same patterns to narrow down which mandala speaks to you more
  • Go over blending watercolor, the importance of working from the lightest light to dark gradually, fixing mistakes as you paint, and other tips that personally help me while I create my final mandala project!

For more on color mixing, watercolor techniques, I highly recommend the class

Watercolor Project for Beginners: Ornamental Japanese Stones where I go into more depth for those watercolor beginners that would want to learn more. It comes with numerous helpful tips that even I go back to in order to not forget!

Please participate in this class before attempting this one so your mandala will be superrrrrb!!!

Class Resources:

  • Download the materials list in the resources if you need any recommendations.
  • Download the mandala outline I’ve created my mandala with if you want to follow exactly what I’ve done. This will be in the resources as well.
  • Create your mandala here https://www.staedtler.com/intl/en/mandala-creator/#


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