Video Marketing – Make A Career Selling Videos! — Udemy — Published 5/2021 — Free download

Find and close high-quality video clients – 15 years of knowledge!

What you’ll learn

  • How to get High-Paying Video Clients
  • Video Production techniques
  • How to hook corporate clients
  • Get paid what you are worth!
  • none


This Masterclass is designed to provide a solution to the ever-growing problems video producers face. Whether you are an experienced producer and are having trouble finding bigger clients or you are just starting out, this is for you. The average film school costs $50,000 and doesn’t teach the real-world experience you will gain in this course. For a fraction of the cost, I will teach you how to make a living with video production, even during/after the pandemic! Whether you are just starting or already an established producer, ULTIMATE VIDEO PRODUCER is designed to take you through the steps of branding your production company to compete with the “big guys”. You will be able to: • Add $50-100k to Your Yearly Income • Book High-Paying Brands and Corporate Clients • Finally get paid what you are worth

It all starts with Building a strong foundation. The language you convey to high-end clients is critical through your website and social media. Second, we will explore many different FREE ways to do lead generation, along with some paid options. I will show you how to hook the client, court, and close them. We will also discuss retainer based clients that will pay you monthly!

This is the all-in-one solution you will need from a 15 year experienced New York Production veteran!

Who this course is for:

  • video producers
  • cinematographers
  • directors
  • photographers
  • videographer
  • filmmaker

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Course Content:

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