Vector Illustration: Top 5 Overlooked Tools in Adobe Illustrator with Esther Nariyoshi — SkillShare — Free download

Have you been using the same tools in Adobe Illustrator over and over? When was the last time that you were excited about a new tool, trick, or technique? Look no further. Learn advanced Adobe Illustrator through a deep dive into the 5 most overlooked tools.

Adobe Illustrator offers a wealth of tools for vector illustrations. Some of the best ones aren’t always the most easily discoverable. Join Illustrator Esther as she explains these tools in-depth through the process of illustrating an ornate modern vintage drop cap letter. Alongside Esther’s concise and thoughtful teaching style, you’ll learn how to use:

  • Arc Tool
    • The most elegant way to use curves as a transition between 2 straight lines
  • Join Tool
    • Quickly cleans up the messy intersections of 2 paths
  • Path Eraser Tool
    • Re-create the hatching effects with the art of deduction
  • Spiral Tool
    • Draws ornate elements with speed and grace
  • Reshape Tool
    • Tweaks sophisticated open paths with confidence

This class is designed for advanced users who have a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and would like to build upon their existing skills in vector illustration.

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Course Content:

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