Procreate & Chill: Unwind with Easy, Digital Illustrations for Self-Care with Adam Palmeter

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Procreate & Chill: Unwind with Easy, Digital Illustrations for Self-Care with Adam Palmeter — SkillShare — Free download

Who needs to chill? This class is for anyone who wants to unwind and create some relaxing artwork, no strings attached. By approaching art with a laid-back and meditative mindset, you’ll learn how to use simple illustration techniques to bring a little more self-care and tranquility into your life.

This Procreate class is for everyone, whether you’re brand new to Procreate or already an experienced artist. All you need is an iPad, the app Procreate, and an open mind. A few scented candles probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

The purpose of this class is to infuse a mindful and calm approach into your creativity. We’ll get there by embracing repetitive brushstrokes and abstract linework with a chill background soundtrack.

(Optional) Checklist before you start:

  • Brew some tea
  • Light some candles / burn some sage
  • Sink back into your favorite beanbag chair
  • Silence your phone
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • …and let’s Procreate & Chill

This class is NOT about:

  • Perfectionism

This class IS about:

  • Enjoying the moment
  • Channeling your creativity
  • De-stressing your mind, body, and soul

You will also learn how to:

  • Set up and size an artboard
  • Use Procreate brushes with pressure-senstive techniques
  • Develop a confident brushstroke
  • Use layers to build your artwork
  • Play with color pallettes and transparency effects
  • Create vibrant abstract art

Ready to relax? Let’s dive into Procreate & Chill.

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