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Lighting Day Exteriors was created by Shane Hurlbut, ASC to demystify the art of using natural and artificial light in day environments. Shane reveals his playbook that has taken him over 25 years to perfect in the art of lighting and balancing day exterior work. Using his proven methodology, this tutorial gives you the necessary tools to increase your speed, expand your skill set, and help gain confidence while shooting outside.

You will learn:

✔️ How to plan your shoot around the path of the sun
✔️ How to extend your dawn and dusk
✔️ How to create longer sunsets
✔️ How to use natural bounce light
✔️ Location scouting and what to look for
✔️ How to find locations that light themselves
✔️ How to use reflectors and mirror boards to redirect the sun
✔️ How to use light and color meters to help balance sunlight and shadow
✔️ How to match artificial light with natural sunlight
✔️ How to shape daylight with the use of negative fill
✔️ Secret techniques to filter and transform your day exterior work

This course includes detailed written breakdowns, top down lighting schematics, top down blocking schematics, script pages and side by side comparisons.



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Course content: https://proedu.com/collections/available-tutorials/products/learning-to-light-day-exteriors-with-shane-hurlbut-pro-edu-tutorial


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