Learn Italian for Beginners and Travelers – Enjoy Your Trip! — Udemy — Last updated 5/2019 — Free download

Learn the basics of the Italian language through video to help get you ready to converse and enjoy your trip to Italy.

What you’ll learn

  • Start learning the basics of the Italian language.
  • Learn the vocabulary and phrases needed from a traveler’s point-of-view,
  • Learn some travel tips such as where to stay, getting around, etc. that will help make your trip to Italy more enjoyable.
  • Feel more confident about visiting Italy.
  • This course is geared for the beginning Italian student – no prior experience or knowledge is necessary.
  • There are some bonus downloadable materials in PDF format. It would be beneficial (not required) if the student has Adobe Reader installed on their computer. Most computers come with this program pre-installed.
  • An eager and positive attitude and a desire for learning the world’s most beautiful language!

This course is designed for the beginning Italian language student or a future traveler that wants to get the most out of their trip to Italy.

There are typical and most common scenarios that the beginning student or traveler will encounter on their trip to Italy. This course is designed to arm the student with knowledge that will be most relevant for their trip.

The instruction is video-based with audio and onscreen transcripts to provide an effective and efficient learning experience.

Here is what you get:

  • Full, lifetime access to the lessons
  • Future lectures and upgrades and additional material at no additional cost
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – no questions asked – I am confident you will enjoy my course.
  • Material is accessible whenever YOU want – even with iPad, iPhone and Android apps.

There are also downloadable materials in PDF format as a bonus to help you learn the materials or that you can use as a “cheat sheet.”

Who this course is for:

  • It is geared for students wanting to travel to Italy primarily for vacation.
  • This is an introductory course for those with zero or little language of Italian.
  • It can also be useful for the business-traveler that has very little Italian knowledge.
  • People that want to learn the basics of Italian to start communicating with their family or friends.
  • It can also be beneficial for someone wanting to move to Italy.
  • This course is NOT for students interested in learning grammar, verb tenses and more advanced topics.


Learn Italian for Beginners and Travelers – Enjoy Your Trip!.zip   (download)
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Course Content: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-italian-for-beginners-and-travelers-course/

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