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Are you dreaming to become like on of your favourite vloggers? Do you want to have the same confidence they have? And you want to get rid of that awkward feeling when speaking to your camera in crowded places? Then you have come to the right place!

What you will learn
In this class I will give you tips about how to become better at vlogging. We will go in-depth about how to make engaging vlogs people will actually watch and how you can work on yourself to be more presentable and confident in front of the camera. I will also share tips and tricks I use to make my vlogs interesting.

Structure of the class

  • Finding the theme and pre-planning: The most important thing about your vlog? A theme! You will learn how to choose a theme and how pre-planning will make your life easier.
  • Working on yourself to become a confident vlogger: What character you want to be in your vlog? In this section, we will discuss how you can find your character and how you become better at storytelling. We will also talk about how you can be more confident while vlogging in crowded places.
  • Filming and editing tips: I will share some tips and tricks you can apply to enhance the production quality of your vlogs.

Is this class interesting for you?
This class is welcoming to student of all levels, though the class is built for beginners in mind.

So, do I see you in my class? Let’s learn and create!

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Course Content:

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