Hand and Brush Lettering for Beginners: A Complete Guide with Tanja Meyer

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Hand and Brush Lettering for Beginners: A Complete Guide with Tanja Meyer — SkillShare — Free download

Design a whole quote and make a beautiful lettering out of it. 

In this class I am showing you how to rock the brush lettering technique and some design and typography basics so you can develop your lettering skills. This class is for everyone who is busy with lettering, especially for beginners who need a workflow. Maybe you are stuck and you don’t know whats the next step? This is for you.

Being able to design a whole quote, might be intimidating, but I assure you: With a logical workflow and some basic knowledge of design you will be able to bring your lettering skills to a new and fun level. The design rules you’ll learn can be used in every niche of illustration and design.

Lettering is so much fun and in this class I show you how to give yourself some room to play and to use the right control methods to make your lettering even better.

I am going to show you a fun and playful way and I am motivating you to go that way with me: You‘ll see, as soon as you are in the flow, time doesn‘t matter anymore and your lettering will get better.

Since we are working on a social media post, I am giving you some tips on how to digitize your artwork. By using Photoshop I‘ll show you one simple method to digitize your artwork so your scans look better. This is for anyone, who is interested.

Of course, this is optional, if you take a nice photo of your artwork you‘ll also have a great social media post.


You can download some inspiration sheets, you‘ll need some basic copy paper for and transparency paper for sketching (I am using sandwich paper, it‘s cheap so I can play a lot ;)), a pencil and your favourite media to work your lettering out in the end.

For the Brush Lettering technique it is important, that you have smooth paper, that you can practice on. Since Bristol Paper or Lettering Paper is way too expensive to just practice I advice to to buy laser copy paper – it has a much smoother surface, your brush pens will glide better and the curves are more relaxing to train.

Brush pens suited for beginners:

Fudensuke from Tombow or the Pentel Brush Sign Pen, they are both suited for smaller letterings and fit perfectly to the worksheety I prepared for you.


Hand-and-Brush-Lettering-for-Beginners-A-Complete-Guide.zip   (download)
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Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Hand-and-Brush-Lettering-for-Beginners-A-Complete-Guide/455851200

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