Female Cartoon Character Design with Procreate by Isabella Agosti

Character Design
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Female Cartoon Character Design with Procreate by Isabella Agosti — Domestika — Free download

Learn to illustrate original cartoon characters, from their facial expressions to the details that bring them to life

Cartoons and their magical universes were a part of practically everyone’s childhood. And with design, technology, and a few drops of imagination you can turn your reality into a cartoon! Join illustrator and programmer Isabella Agosti and learn how to capture the essence of the people around you and transform them into a digitally illustrated character ready for their own fantastic adventure.

Isabella loves to weave the stories behind her female cartoon characters into her artwork and, in this course, she shows you how to use Procreate to bring everyday heroines to life. Discover how to create vibrant illustrations from start to finish using photos for reference.


Domestika – Female Cartoon Character Design with Procreate.zip   (download)
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Course Content: https://www.domestika.org/en/courses/2916-female-cartoon-character-design-with-procreate

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