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Learn how to make cinematic SFX like a pro! From zero to sci-fi sound design hero.

Have you ever heard a crazy cool sound effect in a video game or Hollywood blockbuster leaving you wonder “How the heck did they create that?”

Maybe you even tried to replicate sounds like these, but just ended up with very unsatisfactory results, don’t know what synths and sources to use, or how to process your sound design to get that massive blockbuster-worthy sound.

Fret not, sound design can be daunting at first, but like anything, it is a very learnable skill that can benefit all aspects of your work as a music producer of any format or media.

It’s also a very exciting world that is ever expanding as video games become more and more popular, mobile and VR games grow, and the demand for cutting edge sound designers will increase.

That’s why we’ve put together Cinematic SFX: Sci Fi Sound Design, a course aimed toward arming you with the tools and knowledge to craft ANY crazy otherworldly sound effect you can think of from thin air. From massive robots and dinosaurs, dragons and creatures, explosions and impacts, UFO’s and vehicles and interfaces – we got you covered.

You will learn to use tools like FM synthesis, creative processing, effective sound manipulation and much more to come up with sounds you wouldn’t ever imagine you could create.

Are you ready to dive in and level up your sound design game?

DOWNLOAD   (download)
1.81 GB

Course Content:

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