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Welcome to the easy Facebook ads academy, let me show you how to run ads the easy way!

I basically condensed years of not only my own Facebook Ads experience but also the experience I had working with my clients and students down to this short and intensive course.

Let me show you what I mean.

If you have never run ads before… don’t worry, start at Week 1. This week.

I will explain the psychology of the users on Facebook and how Facebook Ads are different than YouTube Ads.

This will immediately get you up to speed on what will work and what won’t work when running ads on the platform.

We will literally spend minutes, not hours setting up your Facebook page and your ads manager ready to run ads.

If you are intimidated by the complicated looking dashboard of the ads manager, don’t be. I will do a fun Facebook Ads manager and explain the bare essentials, the only things that you need to know, to run ads.

Because this is the Easy Facebook Ads academy, we are going to run ads the easy way. I will explain how to structure your campaigns in a way that will prevent any complications from ever happening. That’s how easy it will be.

If you are not sure what kinds of ads to create and how to create it, then start at week 2.

I call it the creative week. We’ll be creating your lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, and the ad all in a few days.

But first, we will talk about how to avoid getting our ads rejected by the Facebook ad cop. The Facebook algorithm. It’s like a robot that is programed to seek out and reject ads based on certain parameters. Once you know what its looking for you will be able to fly under its radar.

Then we’ll complete your 4 step customer pathway. So that your ad will get clicks, and those clicks will turn into leads and those leads will eventually turn into sales.

If you already have your ads created and need a refresher on how to setup your campaigns the correct way then start at week 3.

I will hold your hand and show you how to setup up everything step by step. How to install the Facebook Pixel, how to structure your campaign the easy way, and then show you with over the shoulder walk through tutorials how to setup your campaign, ad set, and ad. So all you need to do is to follow along.

You will also learn the targeting options secret that my clients and I use to instantly find your ideal customers. We call it the 3 flavor ice cream targeting strategy and it will help you find people who are actually sincere about your niche and are the most likely to interact and buy

And finally, if your ad is already running and you are having a trouble figuring out if it’s a winner or loser, than start at week 4.

I will make data analysis simple, help you arrange your columns of data, show you what data points to look for and solutions to fix ads that are not performing as well as you would like.

Then we will finish up with some advanced copy writing secrets, advanced targeting secrets, and even an email marketing mini-course so that you not only increase the quality of leads coming into your business but also start converting them into paying customers.


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