Digital Illustration with Volume and Texture by Sergio Edwards

3D & Animation
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Digital Illustration with Volume and Texture by Sergio Edwards — SkillShare — Free download

Learn how to give a 3D look to your illustrations with light, shadow, and color techniques using Photoshop

Illustrating a great character goes beyond recreating their features. With your imagination and good technical skills, you can also define their personality and gestures so that they express what you have in mind in a tangible and evident way.

In this course, illustrator Sergio Edwards will teach you how to create a digital illustration in his own particular style: giving it a 3D effect with lights and shadows, and with characters that are both expressive and colorful. To do this, he will show you all the technical steps and share his brushes so that you can capture everything you have in mind.


Domestika – Digital Illustration with Volume and   (download)
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