Digital illustration: Whimsical art in Procreate with Imran Mughal — SkillShare — Free download

Do you like to express yourself without limitations? Then this is the class for you – express yourself through the digital world of art using my simple 4 step process and unleash your whimsical mind!

This class is about learning how to create old-school cross hatching illustrations using the Procreate app on the iPad Pro and applying simple easy steps to create a complete illustrated piece of artwork.

You will learn how to:

  • plan a complete illustration and then illustrate using my 4 stage process
  • use the Procreate app with tips & tricks throughout the class
  • use the pencil & ink brushes to create old school cross-hatching & stippling textures
  • use gestures and techniques on the iPad pro within the Procreate app
  • create shadows and highlights using various tools and blend modes
  • export the final artwork for print

In the class project you will use your new skills and techniques in your own whimsical illustration!

Geared towards anyone who wishes to learn to sketch / draw /paint digitally with no prior knowledge or experience – especially those who wish to express their whimsical imaginations!

DOWNLOAD   (download)
1.29 GB

Course Content:

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