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We are all involved with some part of the colour science pipeline as it spans filming to final display, and all the complex steps in between. This course offers a way of understanding and setting up a colour pipeline so what you see and film on set is what you see and enjoy on the final display. It will touch on filming, recording, editing and monitors. The focus is primarily on higher end digital HD including digital intermediates, grading and preparing for digital cinema. It covers more than just gear, it extends to how you see and perceive colour.

Taught by leading industry expert Charles Poynton, who literally wrote the book on the subject (several books actually), it assumes a working knowledge of the industry but not that you are a maths wizard. Charles has designed the course to be aimed at someone “whose main interest is not the maths,” with loads of helpful diagrams, graphs and examples to help participants quickly understand these key technical concepts.

This course is ideal for vfx compositors, TDs, editors, technical DOPs wanting to follow their work into post, or simply anyone in the production chain who wants to gain a solidunderstanding of colour science as applied to the pipeline.

Charles Poynton is a freelance color science expert specializing in the physics, mathematics, and the engineering of digital colour imaging systems, including digital still cameras, digital video, HD, VFX/CGI, digital cinema and digital intermediate (DI) systems. He was involved in engineering wide colour gamut systems, an expert in colorspaces such as DCI P3 RGB and Adobe RGB and about 20 years ago he was the guy who decided that HD should have square pixels (!) Charles has taught several more senior courses inside fxphd, but this course is designed for those who do not want the maths but do need to understand how a colour pipeline works.

The fast forward program is standalone instruction with immediate download but does not include access to our discussion forums or VPN software. Samples used during the course are available to download, and that includes a pdf handout with notes and materials. Once you purchase the course, you can immediately download all class instruction videos.

(WARNING: The presenter is Canadian; colour will be spelled with a “u”!)


DCT102 Intro to Color Theory.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
DCT102 Intro to Color Theory.part2.rar  (352.28 MB)

Course Content: https://www.fxphd.com/details/542/

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