Core Python: Custom Attributes and Descriptors By Robert Smallshire and Austin Bingham — Pluralsight — Free download

Python has a dynamism which can give our objects superpowers. This course will teach you how to implement highly flexible interfaces with where the attributes of objects are determined on-the-fly, rather than being determined in advance by classes.

When classes are too rigid, but dictionaries too flexible, you can often find a good trade-off with dynamic objects. In this course, Core Python: Custom Attributes and Descriptors, you’ll learn to make objects with highly dynamic interfaces. First, you’ll explore how objects are internally represented in Python. Next, you’ll discover how to customize object attribute access. Finally, you’ll learn how to define your own descriptors, which form the basis of much of how Python attributes work. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Python object customization needed to produce flexible and expressive code.

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Course Content:

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