Color Grading: Introduction with a Pro Colorist with Fred Trevino — SkillShare — Free download

This beginner class is about learning to look at images like a professional colorist, break them down, and get you started in creating a grade for yourself or a client.

It’s for anyone getting started in color grading or anyone wanting to improve their skills in manipulating an image and articulating on a technical level what was done. (an essential skill in the real world)

Students will learn:

  • The difference between color correction & grading.
  • The right vocabulary to use when communicating with a client or colorist.
  • How to pick a look for your film.
  • Why the proper color grading environment matters.
  • The proper order of operations in color correction and grading.
  • How to read a waveform monitor.
  • Da Vinci Resolve basics.

Students will get a deeper understanding of the field of color grading and develop the confidence to start grading their own or other projects on a professional level.


Skillshare – Color Grading – Introduction with a Pro   (download)
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Course content:

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