Aerial Seascapes | 6 Paintings | Ocean paintings with Watercolors by Shanan Subhan — SkillShare — Free download

Hello & welcome to the Aerial Seascape class!

In this class, we will learn to paint 6 Aerial Seascape paintings one at a time.

This class covers all the techniques required to paint the aerial seascapes effortlessly. We will learn more about blending the colors, how to add highlights and shadows, creating beautiful ocean blooms, and different ways to glaze the paints, We will also briefly learn the negative painting technique and techniques to soften the edges.  even if you are a beginner you can still join my class. as everything is explained in detail. We will be mixing various shades of blue and greens by using the commonly available colors

There is a practice session at the beginning of each class project where we will learn about the colors thumbnail, elements, and techniques that goes into the painting.

And finally, we will learn to paint each class project in depth. So without any further delay let’s get started with the class:)

I can’t wait for you to get started with my class.

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Course Content:

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