A Comprehensive Course on Sql With 100+ Solved Problems — Udemy — Last updated 1/2021 — Free download

Statements | JOINS | Clauses | Windows functions | Analytics functions | Aggregate functions

What you’ll learn

  • Writing complex SQL queries from scratch


  • There is no prerequisite to the course


This course has been carefully curated with a database everybody can relate to and a set of questions that are very interesting. The SQL fundamental part deals with the basic concepts, the lectures are organized in a logical flow to gradually add to the learning experience without overwhelming the students. Most of the lectures are followed by exercises that grow in complexity as the course progresses. Therefore, I request you not to skip the exercises.

This is a very exhaustive course that will give you all the skills you need to pull the data from the databases to do the analysis.

There are two sets of tables; in set 1 there are 15 tables joined with each other via primary/foreign key. The first set is about International Institute of Management, which is a global school, the tables contain the information on the faculties and the students from the class of 2000 that includes the students’ personal information, academic information, their extra-curricular activities, the company, the function, and the industry they work in post-graduation.

In the second set there is a standalone table that contains the data on the daily sales closed by the sales agents over a quarter.

Throughout this course, we shall learn the concepts and apply the concepts to solve the problems.

The resources section is extraordinarily rich and comes with the actual content of the tables, table relationship diagram, course deck and the question bank that includes the most frequently asked questions in the interviews.

There is a select set of questions for practice at the end of the course which covers all the topics that have been taught in the course and that have been curated to give you the flavor of real-world problems.

Who this course is for:

  • Grad/Undergrad student, business professionals, IT professionals


A comprehensive course on SQL with 100+ solved problems.zip   (download)
1.75 GB

Course Content: https://www.udemy.com/course/a-comprehensive-course-on-sql-with-100-solved-problems/

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