Watercolor and Graphite: 5 Simple Floral Designs with Jen Sweeney

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Watercolor & Graphite: 5 Simple Floral Designs with Jen Sweeney — SkillShare — Free download

Designs that combine watercolor & graphite are full of character and charm. Not to mention fun to create and beautiful to look at! I’m all about simple designs that pack a punch! You create these designs with me in real time as I demonstrate and explain every single step and brushstroke. Here’s what else you get in class:

  • You learn 5 elegant designs
    • Leaves
    • Floral stem
    • Daisy
    • Sunflower
    • Blue Thistle
  • Handouts included – Located under the “Projects and Resources” tab
    • You can not access this section on your phone. Use a computer please.
    • You don’t want to miss these!
  • I’m notorious for explaining exactly how you hold, angle and maneuver your wedge (or triangle) brush to achieve gorgeous brush strokes
  • I use a Beste Fountain wedge brush but you can easily substitute your favorite round brush for the leaves and/or florals
    • A triangle or petals brush is awesome for class too
  • You learn how to keep your pencil work simple, striking, and effective
  • Learn how to use a blending stump and tortillion for soft beautiful tones
  • Minimal supplies needed (see below)
  • You use a limited color palette & use what you have. Colors do not need to be exact
  • No stress about difficult compositions
  • You will be able to use these 5 designs as stand-alone art pieces or to enhance other projects
  • At the end of class, you’ll have 5 new designs to enhance your creative portfolio
  • You’ll also have the knowledge & skill to continue creating endless watercolor & graphite art pieces


Watercolor-Graphite-5-simple-floral-designs.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
Watercolor-Graphite-5-simple-floral-designs.part2.rar  (1.83 GB)

Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Watercolor-Graphite-5-simple-floral-designs/257865279

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