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Hey, my name is Vince Baum and I’m a student and creator who is truly passionate about Architecture! I’m on a mission to teach you all the skills that I learned during my time at Architecture School.

Post Digital Collages in Photoshop are a fantastic way to quickly and efficiently produce visualizations of a project, so as to let other people know what weird and wonderful ideas are floating around in your mind.

This Class Will Cover:

In this class you’ll be learning how to use skills and techniques from my previous classes in order to create a large scale overview of your Architecture design project.

This is a walkthrough style video of my Photoshop workflow with narration highlighting tips and tricks along the way.

Who is This Class For?

This class is for more confident Photoshop users. Although we use simple Photoshop tools, the large scale of this project requires a more experienced user. Not to worry though, you can watch my previous classes to build up your Photoshop confidence before attempting this project.

Thank you to for providing the music!

DOWNLOAD   (download)
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Course Content:

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