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Are you a .NET developer who is interested in learning Python? This is the course for you. While there are many getting started courses for Python, this course is specifically geared towards helping C# and .NET developers quickly get up to speed with Python. It covers a wide spectrum of the developer landscape from the language, databases and ORMs, web frameworks, data science and computational notebooks, and much much more.

What’s this course about and how is it different?

This is the definitive course to learn the entire Python ecosystem for .NET developers. We spend over 9 hours comparing Python and C#, the Python runtime and the .NET CLR, NuGet to PyPI, and much more. You will see working C# examples _first_. Then we will build the Python equivalent of that application live, together, during the course.

In this course, you will:

  • See how Python and .NET are similar and how they are different
  • Get setup and ready to write and run Python 3 on your computer
  • Dive deep into the Python language while comparing each element to it’s C# equivalent
  • Work with classes, inheritance, method overriding and more in Python
  • Leverage the over 200,000 public packages (libraries) using pip and related tooling
  • Explore Python’s two memory management models and how they differ from .NET’s GC
  • Choose a Python web framework comparable to ASP.NET MVC
  • Build data driven web applications using Flask and the ORM SQLAlchemy
  • Test your Python libraries and application with pytest
  • Mock out your dependencies for true unit testing with pytest_mock
  • Leverage async and await (in Python!) for massively parallel processing
  • Explore and visualize data with computational notebooks using JupyterLab
  • Deploy a Flask (Python) web app on a Linux cloud VM using nginx and uWSGI
  • Secure your web app on Linux with Let’s Encrypt to add free SSL support
  • And lots more
  • View the full course outline.

Who is this course for?

With this course, the name really does say it all. If you know C# and .NET and would like to leverage that expertise in the Python space, this course is for you.

The course does not assume Python knowledge. But it does assume you know basic C# code and that you wish the leverage that knowledge to learn Python faster and deeper.

Concepts backed by concise visuals

While exploring a topic interactively with demos and live code is very engaging, it can mean losing the forest for the trees. That’s why when we hit a new topic, we stop and discuss it with concise and clear visuals.

Here’s an example of introducing the overall architecture of how we will deploy our Flask web application on Ubuntu Linux using nginx and uWSGI with worker processes executing our Python app in parallel.


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Course content:

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